Triops Have Three Eyes!

Deluxe Triassic Triops
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Traced back to the Triassic period, these members of the crustacean family look like mini horseshoe crabs (which scientific name is Triops longicaudatus). Interesting facts about Triops are as followed:
  • Triops have three eyes, carapace and long tail
  • They breathe with their leaf-like legs
  • They live in the temporary rain water pools of North America
  • Triops like to swim, eat and lay eggs
  • They lay tens of eggs in the sand daily
  • Triops like to feast on corns, peas, pieces of carrot and shrimp
  • Their typical lifespan is 1-2 months

Raising Triassic Triops is not as complex as you might think. Innovatoys offer you a full kit of everything needed to grow a Triop community in no time.

Kit contains:

  • 2-liter optimum view tank with lid, thermo-strip to monitor water temperature
  • glow-in-the-dark beads for night observation
  • decorative gravel and magnifying ruler
  • mixed food
  • 20-30 cultured triops eggs (hatch within 24 hours),
  • fossil replica to compare today’s creatures with those of the past
  • sealed nutrient pack (provides nutrients without fouling water)
  • a booklet full of potential experiments and information
  • Price: $14.95
[via: http://www.innovatoys.com]

*This is like Awesome I so want one for myself!
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Triops Have Three Eyes
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