100 Best Blogs for Studying the Ocean

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Oceans comprise the staggering majority of the Earth’s surface, providing a home for millions – if not billions – of species, and a major source of food and pleasure for humans. Unsurprisingly, it has captured the imaginations and intrigue of people for millennia, a fascination which continues today and will likely flow on into the future. Thanks to the internet, even the most landlocked of individuals can explore its mysteries and wonders from their homes or offices. Learning about the sciences and politics behind the salty sea provides a broad glimpse about the bizarre, beautiful Earth and how to best keep it preserved and loved by upcoming generations.
1.) The Beacon
Oceana seeks to educate the world on the delicate ecosystems of the sea in the interest of keeping them protected and safe.

2.) The Ocean Project
This conservation effort involves aquariums, zoos, museums and other institutions worldwide who all share the common goal of preserving the world’s oceans.

3.) Ocean acidification
Keep up with the latest reports on the ocean’s acidity and how it affects the organisms who rely on it using this helpful resource by the European Project on Ocean Acidification.

4.) The Reef Tank Blog
Aquarium keeping, marine biology and oceanography converge into one useful, educational series of blogs perfect for anyone wanting to learn more.

5.) Environment/Ocean at Discover
Although Discover Magazine covers a wide spectrum of scientific subjects and does not cover those related to the oceans as often as the others listed here, it still warrants a visit. If nothing else, it at least allows readers to explore how marine topics relate to other disciplines.

6.) Deep-Sea News
Humanity knows more about outer space than it does the deepest depths of the oceans, and this amazing, detailed blog showcases marine wonders new and old alike.

7.) James’ Blog
James Douglass loves windsurfing and works as a marine biologist – his blog overflows with information on both topics for the curious.

8.) Eye of the Dolphin
Read up on all the latest news, views and efforts to protect some of the most beloved and endangered marine mammals on the planet.
9.) RTSea Blog
Suitable for scientific professionals and nonprofessionals alike, the RTSea Blog posts up multimedia in the interest of educating the populace on how the oceans operate and why mankind needs to take care of them.

10.) Notebook of a Mermaid
This fun, funky blog takes the perspective of a mermaid in the interest of spreading a love of ocean life and ecology.

11.) Sea Stories
Updated quarterly, this online journal features amazing art and writing inspired by any facet of oceans imaginable.

12.) The Echinoblog
Marine biology fanatics with a particular affinity for those intriguing little echinoderms will greatly enjoy reading this blog.

13.) The Right Blue
Diving allows for marine and photography enthusiasts a chance to explore the weird and wonderful world around them, sharing their gorgeous cerulean experiences with fascinated readers.

14.) Ocean Engineering Blog
Read up on how some individuals synthesize their technical skills with a love of water with the Ocean Engineering Blog, which still has some interesting things to say in spite of not being updated terribly often.

15.) Blogfish
Blogfish presents news and views regarding marine conservation efforts, focusing mainly on issues regarding fish and shellfish.

16.) The Drop-In to Moss Landing Marine Labs
Follow along with the graduate students at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories for some excellent (and homework-free!) lessons in marine science.

17.) FishWise Blog
Seafood lovers interested in how the industry is doing its best to promote conservation and sustainability initiatives should use FishWise to catch up on all the latest news and practices.
Edited by Jeff Dudas, pulls together all the biggest headlines from different online resources – usually general news outlets – into one handy little URL.

19.) Ice Stories
Research scientists stationed at both poles blog about their findings regarding climate, geology, geography and – of course – oceanography and marine biology.

20.) Sea Notes
Monterey Bay Aquarium keeps an accessible, informative blog with the hopes that their articles will enlighten the public regarding oceanic conservation victories and what particular elements need improvement.

21.) Ocean Portal Blog
For more easy-to-read articles and resources on the subject of marine life and preservation, drop by the Smithsonian Institute’s own dedicated site on the subject.

22.) Underwater Thrills
Get almost as close to various shark species as possible without the threat of any Jaws-type situations going down.

23.) Oceanography at Science 2.0
Explore the multifaceted ocean, reading articles on everything from its geological constructs to the unique life forms that dwell within.

24.) Blue Ventures Field Diary
Marvel at some of the lush aqua features from around the world, particularly Belize, Malaysia, Fiji and Madagascar.

25.) Dolphin Smile
Keep up with the dolphins living near the Hawaiian Islands, and even download a free e-book for more information!

26.) Oceans 4Ever
Oceans 4Ever covers all sorts of marine topics, particularly those involving the weird and wonderful wildlife.

27.) Carl Safina
Author, biologist and conservationist Carl Safina spends his time trying to keep the planet’s oceans safe and healthy, doing what he can to educate others on his efforts and what they can do to support them.

Although the blog is unfortunately not updated much, the rest of Blue Voice’s website still offers up valuable lessons on marine life and what needs doing in order to protect it.
29.) Blue Ocean Notes
From the Blue Ocean Institute straight to the internet, this highly useful, informative blog hopes to inspire its readers to take action in keeping the seas clean.

30.) MarineBio Blog
In spite of the title, MarineBio Blog actually covers a more general range of subjects, most of them relating back to biology and conservation.

31.) Thriving Oceans
The majority of this blog’s content emphasizes general marine information as well as the expected lessons in cleaning and sustainability.

32.) Orca Watcher
Photographer and blogger Monika Wieland counts orcas amongst her favorite subjects, posting some dramatic images of their behavior.

33.) Cephalove
Marine biology fanatics who hope to learn more about the truly outrageous cephalopods should keep this blog amongst their bookmarks or RSS feeds.

34.) Oceanic Defense
As its name implies, Oceanic Defense mainly emphasizes conservations efforts by individuals and organizations worldwide.

35.) The Best Shark Dive Ever
Even those with zero interest in diving can still appreciate the absolutely breathtaking images of numerous beautiful shark species.

Multiple bloggers converge to discuss the latest news and views from within the marine biology industry, with particular attention paid to all the lovely octopi out there.
37.) CephalopodCast
Jason Robertshaw does not update the blog that accompanies his popular podcast as often as the others on this list, but wildly popular podcast and website still warrant mention for their fantastic archives.

38.) Deep Type Flow
One of Georgia Aquarium’s senior scientists, Alistair Dove, introduces readers to some of the wonderful and strange creatures what lurk in Earth’s vast oceans.

39.) The Saipan Blog
Not every posting here concerns itself with something ocean-related, but the blog does keep readers updated on marine issues in and near Saipan, the Mariana Islands and the Mariana Trench.

40.) Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, & Sunsets
Biodiversity, coral reefs, conservation and more can be found at this fun, irreverent and highly educational marine resource.

41.) Indie Squid Kid
Jason Adams’ love of all things squid makes for a charming testimony to how sea creatures can capture the imaginations of humans.

42.) Oceanic Dreams
Anyone who fantasizes about diving with sharks can learn more about the practice through the highly informative Oceanic Dream, which also offers postings on other marine subjects as well.

43.) Save Our Seas Foundation
The Save Our Seas Foundation hosts a number of different blogs revolving around a few different oceanic topics, usually research, biology and – of course – conservation.

44.) Greenpeace
Environmental protection juggernaut Greenpeace keeps a couple of blogs that update readers on their latest findings and protection efforts for the ocean and beyond.

45.) Fish & Aquatic News
Fish & Aquatic delivers…uhhhh…fish and aquatic news, with plenty of diversions for the home aquarium enthusiasts out there.

46.) The Dorsal Fin
Follow The Dorsal Fin for all the latest stories about sharks free of the usual media sensationalism.

47.) The Winding Glass
Savvy consumers, regardless of whether or not they have much of an interest in the ocean, would do well to keep abreast of the happenings within the seafood industry.
48.) National Aquarium Waterlog
Official blog of the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., the Waterlog keeps an accessible chronicle of oceanic subjects suitable for a broad audience.

49.) eyemocean
Marine World Media brings the deep blue sea to the landlocked laptop with startling images and videos in addition to biological, ecological and political news regarding the oceans.

50.) SEE Turtles
Read up on all the efforts that scientists are taking to try and keep sea turtle populations stable in spite of numerous setbacks.

51.) Aquafornia
Although the blog focuses on fresh- and saltwater issues in California, anyone with a love or curiosity about the ocean can still learn quite a bit about it here.

52.) The Spill
The Marine Conservation Biology Institute keeps a blog that updates visitors on all the latest developments in preserving the overall health and safety of the world’s oceans.

53.) Reef Rescue
This blog looks at conservation with particular attention paid to coral reefs – some of the most fragile and lovely ecosystems on the planet.

54.) Shark Freediving
Experience the adventures of shark freedivers through videos, images, stories and more.

55.) Healthy Oceans Blog
Kept by the David Suzuki Foundation, the Healthy Oceans Blog has plenty of fascinating things to say about the life and politics of wild salmon.

56.) Watching Our Water Ways
Both freshwater and saltwater affect one another, and this resource emphasizing the conditions in Puget Sound can educate readers on their interactions.

57.) Ben’s Blog
Ben Southall once worked as an island caretaker near the Great Barrier Reef, and still posts blogs about Australia’s relationship with the ocean surrounding it.

58.) The Current
One of the most dedicated and consistently updated blogs on ocean conservation, The Current is a must-read for environmentalists.
59.) Mission Blue
Official blog and website of the Sylvia Earle Foundation, Mission Blue hopes to stand at the forefront of marine conservation.

60.) Panbo
Electronics enthusiasts wondering about how to blend their love of technology with oceanic exploration need to drop by Panbo and marvel at some of the very cool boats and gadgets.

Mongabay Aquarium posts up all its latest news and oceanic conservation efforts in an easily accessible blog format.

62.) R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program
University of Miami does what it can to keep the world’s oceans healthy, with postings mainly emphasizing their work with sharks.

63.) Marine Conservation in Mexico
Mexico’s position between 2 oceans provides it with many unique opportunities to take part in marine preservation efforts.

64.) Southern Fried Science
Several scientists pool their talents together in the interest of informing the public about how oceans (and the organisms that call them home) operate.

65.) Arthropoda
Not every arthropod calls the ocean home, of course, but that does not mean this blog is not worthwhile reading for ocean aficionados.

66.) Ya Like Dags?
Learn (almost) everything there is to know about spiny dogfish and a few other marine creatures with one North Carolina-based graduate student.

67.) Oceanographer’s Choice
The silly, sweet, nerdy and engaging Sam Urmy keeps a very fun and informative blog on a number of different oceanic subjects.

68.) Penguin Wonderings
Penguin Wonderings mainly focuses on the weird and wonderful biological specimens found in the ocean.
69.) The Digital Cuttlefish
All of The Digital Cuttlefish’s postings describe marine issues and politics with whimsical poetry and commentary.

70.) Matt’s Marine Music Medley
An incredibly unique blog, Matt’s Marine Music Medley allows visitors to explore the ocean through inspired songs by a number of different artists.

71.) The Natural Patriot
Emmett Duffy doesn’t always write about oceanic issues, but he’s left enough of an impression on marine conservationists worldwide.

72.) Fish Schooled
So many marine biology blogs emphasize sharks and cephalopods that the smaller species tend to go entirely overlooked!

73.) Observations of a Nerd
Fish populations and other biological research come with a hefty sprinkling of cute l’il critters for additional flavor.

74.) Bomai Cruz
Biochemistry meets marine biology at scientist Bomai Cruz’s highly informative internet home.

75.) Giant Ocean Tank Divers and Expeditions Blog
Located in the Boston, a team of divers at the New England Aquarium work closely with the Bahamian government to raise awareness of oceanic life.

76.) Water Conserve
In spite of its abundance, water remains a precious resource. Taking care of its supplies is absolutely integral to the survival of humanity.

77.) Ocean Conservation Yacht Club
Boating and yachting enthusiasts concerned about keeping the ocean healthy and safe for all band together to do their part and take action against pollution.

78.) Blue Living Ideas
Look at the latest environmental initiatives through a watery filter, both the salt and fresh varieties.

79.) The Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Everything that individuals and institutions want to know about the ocean can be found right here in this most comprehensive of marine resources.

80.) 1planet1ocean
Aquaculture, sustainability and other conservation topics comprise the majority of 1planet1ocean’s useful content.

81.) Tony Wu
Tony Wu, an underwater photographer, has one of the most amazing jobs in the world – capturing and sharing images of the most stunning creatures who call the oceans home.

82.) Ocean Sentry
Current events impacting the world’s oceans and marine life are related here in blog format.

83.) Scuba Diving Blog by Neutral Dive Gear
Many people take up scuba diving as a way to get closer to marine life, and this blog is happy to show them all the cool things they may witness underneath the water.

84.) The Official MPA Blog
A labor of love by Protect Planet Ocean, The Official MPA Blog focuses on discussing the policies and practices that dictate the pasts, presents and futures of protected areas.

85.) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sea Shepherd garnered plenty of publicity in the Whale Wars series, but their efforts to protect marine life extend well beyond the beloved cetaceans.

86.) Scuba Diver Girls Blog
Armchair oceanographers who want the thrill of exploring the seas without the fear of decompression sickness can enjoy living vicariously through the generous efforts of the Scuba Diver Girls.

87.) A Sea Change
Yet another marine conservation blog that covers a wide range of relevant topics, particularly the preservation of life.

88.) Underwater Photography Blog
Scuba exploration and underwater photography make for excellent companions, as this very cool, very informative blog demonstrates nicely.

89.) Carnival of the blue
This popular blog carnival covers different aquaculture topics every month, collecting the best of the best articles from a number of resources.

90.) Water Words That Work
Explore the influential interplay between freshwater and saltwater sources as well as how to best keep both healthy and safe for all the organisms that depend on them.

91.) Marine Animal Rescue Team Blog
New England Aquarium, amongst its other offerings, also keeps visitors informed of its rescue efforts for a wide variety of marine life.

92.) Osprey Steelhead News
The Pacific Northwest relies on salmon, who call both freshwater and saltwater their home, as both a food source and an economic boost. Anyone curious about the practices and politics behind this tasty marine treat should keep up with this interesting blog.

93.) Whale of a ‘Purpose’
Breathtaking photographs of orcas and other marine life fill this fantastic blog to the brim – an excellent way to experience the wonders of the sea right at home.

Follow along as some marine biologists track monk seals through Hawai’i, cataloguing their behaviors and patterns through journals and photographs.

95.) Sustainable Seas
Sustainable Seas posts about pretty much what one would expect! Drop in here for useful updates on the status of the world’s threatened oceans.

96.) Marine Life
Suitable for all audiences, the blog featured at’s Marine Life portal explores aquatic animals from the tiniest of plankton to the most majestic of blue whales.

97.) The Daily Ocean
Every day, Sara Bayles collects, weighs and documents the trash she finds on the beaches of Santa Monica. Such pollution actively damages the oceans, causing problems for more than just the animals who call them home.

98.) The National Marine Life Center
NMLC devotes its resources to rescuing sea animals who find themselves in abject peril, either due to natural or manmade issues.

99.) Island Press
All of Island Press’s publications involve green issues, but it covers oceanic sustainability so often their blog warrants inclusion.

100.) The Project Log
Read up on all the latest research regarding leatherback turtles straight from the Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

For reasons of both public health and safety, individuals, organizations and governments alike are banding together to keep the oceans preserved. So many depend on its resources for their very survival, but in order to understand the green initiatives behind the blue movement they should educate themselves on every marine topic they can. The biology, chemistry, ecology and other concepts behind the oceans need to be studied if the human race hopes to perpetuate itself in spite of its pervasive self-sabotaging.
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