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Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World
Deep octopus has shallow ancestor
Northern Lights captured in 3D for the first time (video)
Can animals escape the present?
Where do science supermachines go when they die?
In search of the missing Stone Age tribes
Mystery 'Gunshot' Sounds Are Whale Threats
Incredible Deep-Sea Discoveries Announced
Oddly, Octopuses Have Ephemeral Elbows
Scientists Struggle to Keep Up With Marine Life Discoveries
Rich Gallery of Deep-Sea Life Discovered in Bermuda TriangleRich Gallery of Deep-Sea Life Discovered in Bermuda Triangle
Small Sea Monsters
Downturn yet to hit Philippines: report
Marine Visions Unveils New Website for Gates Deep Red Underwater Video Housing
Octopuses Had Antarctic Ancestor
Giant Balls of 'Snot' Explain Ocean Mystery
Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive
Giant Egg Opens to Reveal....Another Egg Inside!
The Dark Side of Geoducks
Fish tank toilet 'will cut water us
US agent joins Sea Shepherd
The sea change in marine documentaries
Have You Seen a Purple Chicken?
Who needs a PhD?
Shark Eats Fisherman in Philippines!
Sand Dollars
A Lame Duck Screwing The Environment
Death of a Deep Sea Explorer
Philippine oil field commences production
British Group Preserves Philippines Leyte's Underwater Paradise
Climate change in the Philippines
A thousand ways to dive
Obama Wins. Now What?
Barcoding and the Pornographic Species Definition
On the Need for Women to Defend Women in Science...
Incentives for Indian women scientists 'gathering dust'
PADI - While Supplies Last - Soon to Be Discontinued Products
10,000 turtle eggs seized in Malaysia
David Suzuki: Prophet of doom to eternal optimist
Full text of President-elect Barack Obama’s victory speech
Scientists announce major progress towards historic Census of Marine Life in 2010
Global methane levels on the rise again
What is the Ultimate Jell-O® Shot
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