50 Social Sites for the Serious Student and Job Seeker

50 Social Sites for the Serious Student and Job Seeker
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Social sites have grown in number and variety in the past years and many now offer opportunities for students and professionals to network in a serious manner. Whether you are preparing for your first job or making a change with an established career, connecting with others in your field will not only help you get started, but be an enhancement for your career as you continue to grow. These 50 social sites provide a chance for you to find others through professional networking sites, meet others in your field, find employment, and more.

Science Sites

Scientists of any ilk can find a group to call their own with these sites that range from life sciences to nanoscience to engineering.

  1. The Research Cooperative. This international, not-for-profit group works to connect science researchers, writers, editors, and translators. Members have their own page as well as access to groups, blogs, and more.
  2. Teachers, students, and professional scientists will all appreciate this social site that promotes academic research, teaching, and learning.
  3. This international community is specifically for those interested in nanoscience. Members can join specific groups, read or post on blogs, participate in chats, and more.
  4. Lab Spaces. Scientists can connect with this social network that offers specific categories for biological scientists, physical scientists, environment, space, and technology. Read blogs and submit your own articles, too.
  5. Nature Network. This global community of scientists can connect through member profiles, forums, groups, and blogs. If you are in Boston or London, you will appreciate the city hubs available too (with more cities to be added soon).
  6. BiomedExperts. Biomedical researchers can come together on this social site designed specifically to promote collaborative research and development in the field. Researchers with at least 3 papers published in PubMed over the past 10 years qualify for an expert profile.
  7. SciLink. Not only can scientists network and stay on top of the latest news at this social site, there is also a job board for those seeking employment.
  8. LabRoots. A social network for scientists of all fields, including mathematics, engineering, and computer science, this site offers opportunities for networking, employment, and collaborative learning.

Health and Medicine Sites

Whether you are in med school, are a practicing physician, or a patient, there are social sites to help you connect and expand your network.

  1. SocialMD. Whether you are a med student, resident, or physician, you can connect with others on this site. Those in school will find the study groups and study aids of benefit.
  2. Ozmosis. Physicians can participate in peer-to-peer networking for sharing information, learning about recent developments, and more.
  3. SurgyTec. Surgeons can share their knowledge on this social site that includes videos of procedures and forums to keep surgeons and students up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments in the field.
  4. PatientsLikeMe. Patients looking to connect with others facing similar diagnoses or health issues will welcome this community. The emphasis here is information sharing between patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies.
  5. Healtheva. This organization is for physicians and researchers who are interested in research, paper collaboration, and start-up opportunities.
  6. TiroMed. This social networking site is designed specifically for med students and physicians who want to "research and learn, and connect with others" in the same field.
  7. The Student Doctor Network. Med students can connect with others through the blogs and forums as well as find plenty of articles that offer information and support.
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