The "sea" snake of Taal Lake

From Site:
The Lake Taal Sea Snake is among the smallest species of sea snakes known. The total lengths of available samples of adult Hydrophis semperi range from 500 to a little over 750 millimeters.

By comparison, most other species reach lengths of well over 1,000 millimeters.

The Lake Taal Sea Snake is venomous as all sea snakes are. It belongs to the family Elapidae, which is comprised of cobras, kraits, coral snakes, and sea snakes. In fact, the venom of a sea snake is known to pack a deadlier punch than their earth-bound cousins: sea snake venom is known to be two to five times more lethal than cobras. A scary thought indeed, hut the good news is sea snakes are generally non-aggressive and do not readily attack. They also have tiny fangs and their gape is rather small. Unprovoked attacks on humans are unheard of.

One may ask then: "So, what's so special about this snake?" You see, in spite of being referred to as a "sea snake," Hydrophis semperi is a freshwater species and is the only known freshwater sea snake in the Philippines. More so, all available information indicates that Hydrophis semperi is found only in the waters of Lake Taal.

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