How much is a life of a Seahorse worth?

Yesterday we went to a place called Cartimar(?)
It's a shopping complex known for selling pets at negotiable prices.
Purebreddogs, cats, birds, reptiles and much more could be found there.
I was at the fish section.
Stalls among stalls among stalls of aquarium fish vendors.
Selling their wares, tanks and assorted fishes.
The part we went to first was the wet section.
Where basically the ground is wet.
Scattered about here and there the carcass of dead fish who didn't quite make it.
Many a stray pregnant cats could be seen here and there too.
Food aplenty just tossed aside.
No rats to be seen though!
Looking for some "freshwater" fish (clown loaches).
We walked through the isles of stalls.
Also amongst the stalls were saltwater stalls.
Where saltwater fishes were sold to my dismay.
Being a diver I would rather see marine life where marine life should be.
Out in the ocean or sea.
I'm sure quite a few people would argue otherwise.
Saying that these saltwater fishes are raised and not caught out in the wild.
Not wanting to ask though one would hazard to guess where they "really" came from.
I saw a seahorse and chanced to ask how much a seahorse cost.
P80.00 ($1.70)

Later on we went to the other side of the building considered the dry area.
Much cleaner and organized.
Amongst the wares I spotted some dry seahorses in a plastic bag.
Those cost P70 ($1.48) each.

Price of a Seahorse life?
P10.oo ($.21 cents)
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