Wandering around Wondering...

Wandering around Wondering...

I say this...
So You Wanna Build a Macquarium + Glow in the dark Fish = It's a good match!

Fun Freeware Software Finds...
Desk Projection v1.0.6
Allows you to project a transparent image of your choice on top of your desktop using alpha blending.
I can be controlled either through a tray icon or with comand line arguments.
NoSleep! v2.18
Allows you to temporarily deactivate the screen saver and any standby feature directly from the system tray.
NoSleep! is minimal in size, yet provides remote control capabilities, a full (un)installation routine and
- as a bonus feature - Swatch Internet Time.
TheBeat v1.07
Displays the Internet Time from Swatch as a system tray icon (near Windows' own clock).

Smallest Webclock
Nope don't think it get's any smaller than this...
Smallest webclock online

Explaining Microsoft's monthly Patches in Non-Techincal Terms
Now this I like...

Speaking of Flatulence...did you just fart?
Fish farting may not just be hot air
Whale Flatulence Captured in Photo
Personally I've never farted underwater while scuba diving...

So they say Aquarians don't have any emotions...
You know who you are who said that to me!
Maybe we need one of these!
Smiley Toolkit
By the way here's something for you...
Robot Tickler

Whale of a thought...
We know sound travels underwater quite far...
Somewhere I read that there are these slots underwater.
Apparently sound can travel from South to North Pole through these slots and passages if you get it just right.
Navy Sonar Tests Captured On Videotape
Low Frequency Active Sonar & Marine Mammals
At the bottom of the page it says...
"According to the Navy's own study, scientists briefly exposed a 32-year-old Navy diver to LFA sonar at a level of 160 decibels -- a fraction of the intensity at which the LFA system is designed to operate. After 12 minutes, the diver experienced severe symptoms, including dizziness and drowsiness. After being hospitalized, he relapsed, suffering memory dysfunction and seizure. Two years later, he was being treated with anti-depressant and anti-seizure medications."
Geeee....Funny how they always put the important stuff at the bottom of the page...
Hope I'm not in one of those slots while Scuba-Diving!

Whale hunt over
Sales down
I hope next season is even worse!

Still so many things to discover!
Ocean census finds 3 new species a week

Christmas Again!
Bahh Humbug!

Top Sci/Tech Gifts 2003
One can always dream... :)
Deep Flight
Think i'll settle on the glow in the dark

Quote of the Day....
Jean Kerr - "I feel about airplaines the way I feel about diets. It seems to me they are wonderful things for other people to go on."
The Air in the Air

And to top it all off...
Here's a Fishy Game for you...cute too!



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