Still Wandering Around...

Still wandering around.....

3D Sinus Pictures
If you follow the 3D Sinus Pictures links on the right from top to bottom, you will learn about the inside of your nose and sinuses. These images are from the virtual reality environment.... - Peter Casano, M.D.

Microsoft: Who do you want to 0wn today?
Microsoft Knowledge Base article 826369 describes a free tool from Redmond that enables criminals, terrorists, and hackers to quickly identify 0wnable computers around the world.

Anthropologist Louise Leakey Carries "Family Banner"

Camera phones raise privacy fears

Gohst Ads
Ads that hang on to their brick canvases by a few atoms of glue and paint. Some are almost illegible; others are bright but ruined, and a few are perfect.

Canada could be next as terrorists target U.S. allies, assets


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