Can’t Decide Between a Private Island or a Mega-Yacht? Get Both in One

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Island Yacht Designs"Tropical Island Yacht" features a massive lagoon pool fed by the volcano waterfall (Photos: Yacht Island Designs)

Got an extra $100 mill laying around and can’t decide if you want to blow it on a private tropical island in the South Pacific, or a couple-hundred foot mega-yacht? According to Yacht Island Designs, you don’t have to decide. They’ll build you a yacht that’s a traveling island paradise.

While it only exists as a concept right now (this isn’t a boat you want to build on spec and see if anyone is interested), their Tropical Island Paradise takes all the over-the-top luxury you can imagine, and puts it together in a design that can only be described as Disney’s Pleasure Island gets re-imagined by Tony Stark. I can see James Bond villains lining up right now…

According to England-based Yacht Island Designs’ website, “The brief for this concept was to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design.” Hence the bridge-top volcano waterfall that feeds into the massive lagoon pool. (The back of which is made of glass, so you can swim and look out at the sea. Naturally.)

Since you probably won’t be sailing on this isle-yacht alone, there are plenty of guest cabanas, spots for outdoor eating, and a deploy-able beach deck “which allows access to the sea for various water sports and sea level relaxation.” As if having your own private volcano waterfall isn’t relaxing enough…

Besides the number of luxury guest suites, media room, library, game room, gym, and helicopter landing pad, you, as the owner and king of your own island nation, get a two-deck suite carved out of the front of the volcano so you can survey your domain from your bedroom.

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