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Concerning the BlennyWatchers.

Via YouTube: After years of looking for the big stuff we were getting a little bored. Then we discovered blennies. Blennies are everywhere and we travel the globe to find them. No seas are too rough, no dive site too remote and no blen too fearsome. Features short clips of blennies from Bonaire, Florida, Baja California, the Philippines and Indonesia.For more information:
Narration: Claire Davies
Photo of Blenny Hunters: Kathleen Kingston
Music: The Circus, Composer and Publisher: Bjorn Lynne; courtesy of and Royalty Free Music by Music2Hues

Via YouTube: Meet the Blennies pays homage to the stars of Blenny Week:
~Bay Blenny Hypsoblennius gentilis - Baja California
~Unidentified Salarias from Papua New Guinea (this blenny looks a lot like another identified species, but based on features that are apparent in detailed photographs, experts feel this blenny is a different species).
~Sailfin Blenny Emblemaria pandionis - Bonaire
~Gulf Signal Blennies Emblemaria hypacanthus - Baja California
~Orangethroat Pikeblenny Chaenopsis alepidota - Baja California
~Spinyhead Blenny Acanthemblemaria spinosa - Bonaire
~Seaweed Blenny Parablennius marmoreus -- Blue Heron Bridge, FL
~Sabretooth Blennies Petroscirtes mitratus -- Lembeh, Indonesia
~Yellowtail Blenny Ecsenius namiyei -- Lembeh, Indonesia
~Obscure Blenny Salarias obscurus -- Lembeh, Indonesia
~Redlip Blenny Ophioblennius macclurei -- Key Largo, Florida
~Bluestriped Fangblenny Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos -- Ambon, Indonesia
~Bluethroat Pikeblenny Chaenopsis ocellata -- Bimini, Bahamas
For more information:
Music: The Circus, Composer and Publisher: Bjorn Lynne,
Royalty free music courtesy of
Additional royalty free music by Music2Hues

Blennies are popular with divers and fishwatchers. Some, like the fangblenny, are well studied because they mimic the do-gooder cleaner wrasse. But little is know about others, like the beautiful but mysterious Obscure Blenny (Salarias obscurus.) Unlike other reef fish, we rarely observe them doing anything more than just sitting. Are divers affecting their behavior? What does this blenny do when we're not around? In this episode, Dr. Wendy and her blenny wranglers, Shirley and Cary, are joined by one of the Blenny Hunters, Claire. With Claire's skill at finding blennies, they capture the elusive Obscure Blenny. Using the latest in miniature technology, the Blennycam, they hope to unlock the Secrets of the Blenny.
For more information:
Music: The Circus, Composer and Publisher: Bjorn Lynne; I Spy
Composer: Gavin Courtie & Liz Radford, Publisher: Notepad Music Ltd;
Comedy Cues, Composer and Publisher: Dominik Hauser
Royalty free music courtesy of

The scientists, writers and photographers from ReefNet and New World Publications have joined forces once again. The elite team studies all fish but specializes in blennies. Deep reefs, sheer walls, shallow rocks -- blennies are everywhere and nothing is too challenging for this group. If you have mystery blenny, and no one else can help, maybe you can call the B-Team.
This week's episode: Invasion of the Blenny Snatcher.
Reports are filtering out of the Caribbean about an unidentified blenny. But the images are blurry, making identification difficult. Although none of the group has ever met him, Dr. Ben, a renowned blenny expert, is invited to join the B-Team on this special mission to locate and photograph what could be a new species.
Narration: Kris Wilk
Additional Voiceover: Dougie-K
Royalty Free Music: The Circus, Composer and Publisher: Bjorn Lynne, Hold Fast, Composer: Jon Adamich Royalty free music courtesy of Additional royalty free music by


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