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I am seven years old. I really like the life before the dinosaurs. And I really think arthropods are cool.

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Some scientists believe that this weird shelled creature called Odontogriphus was a type of creature called a halwaxiid. It had vicious fangs, which were probably for scraping algae off rocks, and may have been something called a radula. A radula is sort of like a snail mouth. Odontogriphus's shell had wrinkles on top of it. Although the shell was hard, it could be bent, just like your fingernail. 
Odontogriphus could live in all layers of the ocean because it could swim like an eel on its side, or use it's carpet-like foot, which didn't cover the whole underside of its body, to move along on rocks. It had an oval of short hair-like things dangling from the edges, which were probably gills. 
Odontogriphus's name means "toothed riddle," which comes from its vicious fangs and that so little is known about it. It had eye-like saliva glands that could easily be mistaken for eyes, which were probably visible from the underside. 
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