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MarineBio conducts and joins expeditions to worldwide centers of marine biodiversity for the purpose of collecting data, photographs and video concerning the conditions of marine ecosystems and the associated marine life. We also often contact local conservation groups, talk with locals about marine life and how things have been changing. MarineBio also uses expeditions to assist with the planning that has begun to open a network of various marine conservation labs in various hotspots to help monitor and conduct research concerning marine conservation science.

What we're finding, like so many others, is that even in the best places to see marine wildlife, the ocean's ecosystems and marine life are at risk and are declining throughout the world. We also hope that by showing what does remain at these top destinations that more people will visit them as well and see for themselves what's at stake if we continue to abuse the ocean as we have been doing for so long.
Irukandji (Carukia barnesi)

Wetpixel Expeditions external link

We're also hoping to join Eric external link in the near furture on at least one of his top-notch expeditions to shoot video and photos for MarineBio... check them out external link and contact us ( or +1 (713) 248-2576 PST) if you're interested or would like to find out more. We can't wait!

If you're a MarineBio Conservation Society member and would like to join us on an expedition, contact David Campbell (MarineBio Expeditions Leader) at or +1 (713) 248-2576 PST.

Planned Expeditions

The following are expedition destinations we need to visit as soon as possible. If you would like to help arrange an expedition to any of the following, let us know.
  1. USA: Southern Florida (Dry Tortugas*), Channel Islands off California, Hawaii (far NW islands)
  2. Bahamas* - Tiger shark diving with external link
  3. Belize: Turneffe and Glover's Atolls (2011 - dates to be determined, 2 weeks, at least 3 dives per day)
  4. Guadalupe Islands* - Great white shark diving with external link
  5. Mexico (Sea of Cortez) - Humboldt squid diving with external link
  6. Costa Rica: Cocos Island*
  7. Colombia: Malpelo Island external link
  8. Tahiti (Rangiroa)
  9. Fiji
  10. Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) external link
  11. Australia: Great Barrier Reef outer reefs and Coral Sea islands
  12. Micronesia: Palau*, Yap*, Chuuk (Truk Lagoon)
  13. Solomon Islands/Papua New Guinea
  14. Indonesia: Togean Islands, Banda Islands/Irian Jaya, Komodo Island, Bali
  15. Malaysia: Sipadan, Mabul, Layang Layang
  16. Thailand: Puket, Similan Islands
  17. Maldives
  18. Seychelles - Aldabra lagoon external link:
  19. View Larger Map external link
  20. Mozambique: Bazaruto Archipelago
  21. Red Sea: Brother's Islands, Sharm el-Sheikh, Ras Mohammed, Dahab, etc.
One of our goals is to also document the condition of the reefs in the above areas to compare to historical records and to serve as a snapshot for the future. And time is of the essence, climate change is in progress and many of the above will become worthless destinations for marine life if things continue as they are.

Expedition Recommendations

The following is recommended for all MarineBio team members on expeditions:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Advanced scuba certification (Rescue diving certification is highly recommended, many locations are very remote)
  • At least some traveling experience (overseas preferred)
  • Skills involving photography, videography, writing, research and/or computers, critter spotting/identification
  • Relaxed demeanor, easy to get along with
  • Willingness to work as a team toward the expedition's goals
  • All team members pay their own way though we often work together to find the best deals...
If you're interested in joining one of our upcoming expeditions, send David an email and let him know.

Expeditions Log

MarineBio Indonesia Expedition, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia (9:20) | MarineBio's YouTube Channel » external link

Lembeh Strait/Bunaken Marine Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 33 dives (~32 hours underwater) at 30 dive locations (23.5 m average max depth, water temp. 25-29°C). ~6 hrs video (video housing flooded on first dive on Bunaken due to faulty o-ring on wide angle lens) + ~2,000 photos.... Visit the photo gallery and report or the video gallery.
Honduras Expedition (August 27-September 10, 2005 - see gallery and report)
lorida Expedition (February 9-21, 2005 - see gallery)
~ 1,200 underwater photos taken on 20 nitrox drift dives out of Boynton Beach and Key Largo, Florida, US...
Bonaire Expedition (August 6-22, 2004 - see gallery)
~1,400 underwater photos taken on 38 nitrox dives at 27 dive locations in Bonaire...
Galapagos Expedition (November 8-17, 2002 - see video gallery)
Darwin Island Arch, Galapagos
Nine days on liveaboard M/Y Reina Silvia, 8 hours underwater video of octopus, fishes, sharks, dolphins, sea lions, marine iguanas, boobies, etc.

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