Vacuum Cleaners Out of Ocean Trash

*What a novel concept. I Love it! Now if they could only invent a giant vacum cleaner to suck out all that garbage from the ocean...*

Vac From The Sea
From left to right: North Sea Edition, Indian Ocean Edition, Mediterranean Sea Edition, Pacific Ocean Edition, Baltic Sea Edition. [Image Via: http://www.electrolux.se]

From Site:
"After several months of plastic hunting in the world’s major oceans and seas – in coral reefs, coast lines, sandy beaches and rocky crevices – five Vacs from the Sea from five oceans have finally been designed, constructed and are ready to be displayed to the world.

Each of the five unique vacuum cleaners represents the ocean from which the plastic originates. All the models are fully functional and have been built using the same core structure (chassis, engine, and bag compartment) as the new Electrolux Ultra One Green-model. The plastic debris has been collected in partnership with organizations and people that already are engaged in the issue.

The vacuum cleaners embody the plastic paradox: oceans are full of plastic waste, yet on land there is a shortage of recycled plastic for producing sustainable vacuum cleaners. Electrolux makes Green Range vacuum cleaners from 70% recycled plastic, but wants to reach 100%.

A word from Hans Stråberg, CEO and President, Electrolux:
- I would like to thank everyone that has brought attention to the issue and express my deepest gratitude to our partners, for providing us with knowledge and working with us in gathering plastic from the world’s oceans.

A word from Cecilia Nord, Vice President – Floor Care Sustainability and Environmental Affairs, Electrolux:

- Our intention is to bring awareness to the situation and the need for better plastic karma. So far, over 60 million people have been reached and we are continuing the initiative following the great response.

Electrolux is now looking into auctioning out one vacuum cleaner, where the revenue goes to research. A next step is also to get the official tour schedule for the Vacs from the Sea ready, in order to display them in consumer and industry forums.

During the following week, we will post more information about each Vac from the Sea."

Electrolux Vac from the Sea -- Part II

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