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Since the beginnings of serious deep sea exploration following World War II, explorers and scientists have been consistently baffled by the discovery of what appear to be deer antlers found on the ocean floor at the greatest depths they could reach. At first these discoveries were discounted as some fluke of freshwater currents running through some hypothesized deer graveyard leading to the sea and being washed to deep water by ocean currents.

But when, in late 2008, a Japanese exploration team's robotic submersible caught fleeting video of an antler-bearing cephalopod an unexpected and previously quite unimaginable answer to the mystery was found. The "Octolope", as it is now being referred to, is otherwise unknown to biology. How or why a creature appearing so like a common octopus would be in possession of such a terrestrial feature is a question sure to be subject of intense inquiry for the forseeable future.


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