Typhoon Megi & Cloud Seeding?

Typhoon Megi...
The strongest cyclone in years to buffet the Philippines...
And yes it's now  pouring the proverbial "Cat's and Dog's" 
Outside form the typhoon this very moment as I write this.
Though it's only signal number one here in Manila.
I do really hope it doesn't flood again here though... that would really suck.
Releasing three overflowing dams at once is not good like they did Ondoy flood.
Just finished fixing up the house a few months ago from Ondoy flood too...
(I have my own picture with my own street sign...)

I never knew they did cloud seeding in the Philippines!
From Site:

"Angat Dam water level up 1.06 meters
While Angat Dam’s water level increased by more than a meter on Friday, the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) of the Department of Agriculture could not yet say if the cloud-seeding operations over the watershed in Bulacan caused the increase in the reservoir's level with just two out of 60 cloud-seeding sorties completed last Thursday.
As of 6 a.m. on Friday, Angat Dam's level increased by 1.06 meters from 158.60 meters last Thursday to 159.66 meters at present.
Although the current water level is still 20.34 meters short of the standard level of 180 meters, this has been the highest overnight increase since Angat Dam reached its all-time low water level last July 18 at 157.56 meters.
Engr. Rey Peregrino, BSWM’s Water Resources Management Division (WRMD) assistant chief, said the team is expected to conduct about 60 cloud-seeding sorties to induce rain over the watershed through the dispersal of a total of 100 sacks or 2,500 kilos of salt above seedable clouds.
Peregrino said the East Zone water concessionaire Manila Water Company, Inc., shouldered the expenses for the cloud-seeding operations amounting to P3.1 million.
“Our team finished two sorties on Thursday and was able to disperse 20 bags of salt over the clouds,” he said.
He explained that it took the BSWM team an hour to conduct one cloud-seeding sortie to spot enough seedable clouds to induce rains over the watershed.
Peregrino, however, could not yet confirm if the cloud-seeding operations had been a factor in the one-meter rise in Angat Dam’s level since rains in the upper portion of the watershed could also have contributed to the increase in the reservoir’s level.
He pointed out that the government spent about P25 million, including the present P3.1 million allocated by Manila Water for Angat Dam, for cloud-seeding operations nationwide to address the El Niño event this year.
During the 1997-1998 El Niño, cloud-seeding activities conducted nationwide by the BSWM amounted to P36.7 million."

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