World's Largest Lionfish

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Spike, a magnificent specimen from the deeps of the ocean, is a whopping 18 inch long lionfish which is believed to be a world record breaker.
Spike is one of two lionfish who call the Sequarium in Rhyl home, and is half an inch longer that the largest recorded lionfish.
Paul Tyson, the display manager at the Sequarium, has said that measuring the lionfish is quite a feat as they have those poisonous spikes on their backs.
However, it was well worth the risk in Spike’s case, as it has been found that he is a record breaker.
“Lionfish were originally found in the Indo-Pacific regions but they became popular in the aquarium trade and have since spread worldwide.” Paul explained.
“They are bought when small but grow rapidly and often outgrow their tanks, leading to owners releasing them rather than killing their beloved pet.”
“In the Caribbean they are now at such high numbers they are considered a pest and their capture for the table and recreational fishing is being actively encouraged.
“We’ve done a lot of research and as far as we know, the largest recorded lionfish ever caught is 17 ½ inches long.”
The vet at the zoo, who makes her rounds at all the public aquariums around the UK, has commented that the two lionfish are the biggest she has seen, and many other people in the industry have made the same comment.
Congratulations Spike!
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