I Disagree...

This Is Why An Octopus Is More Awesome Than Your Mom
From Site:

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you think your mother, or perhaps mothers in general, are pretty goddamn awesome. They scrub things, cook pot roast, and produce shrieking little babies which grow up to be astronauts and prime ministers. When you got sucker-punched at recess, she was there for you. When you accidentally peed your pants on the first day of school, she wiped away the tears. When the cat ate your favorite hamster and then barfed it onto your favorite pair of pajamas, she was your shoulder to cry on. Mothers sacrifice their own happiness for the betterment of their offspring.

Like most universally liked things, however, there's always a better underdog."

Enter the octopus.....(cont.)


*I've Yet to come across an octopus that can cook better than my mom!*
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