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Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble....

Mer-Women and Fish-Men: Humans Engineered for Ocean Living
-Humans are fairly fragile organisms. Sure we live just fine on the surface of the Earth, as long as there is enough air and the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. That means that we cannot explore the more extreme areas of our planet - or any planet - without technical assistance of some kind. Currently it's good old-fashioned engineering that allows us to delve the ocean depths or journey into space.

Newfoundland's Giant Squid
-For centuries sailors from across the seven seas told tales of multi-armed monsters that could reach as high as a ship's mast and sink even the sturdiest of vessels.

Shrimp and Goby Relationship
-Shrimp gobies and pistol shrimps have an usual relationship and the cooperation of these two unrelated species is one of nature's most effective partnerships.

A List of Animals That Live in Antarctica
-Learn about the abundance of Antarctica wildlife living in the South Pole's chilly ocean and on its frozen shores. Some of these unique creatures are sure to surprise.

How many fish are in the ocean?
-Any discussion of fisheries policy inevitably comes back to one question: before we can decide how many fish humans can remove from the ocean, we need to know how many fish are there in the first place.

Ethical debate: Endangered species on the menu?

-Yup, you read correctly. Mr. Save the Oceans ate an endangered species… in burger form.

The DNA Brotherhood of Dolphins & Bats

-Dolphins can't fly, and bat don't swim. But, scientists say, they both rely on the same genetic and molecular changes for their ability to use a natural sonar to find their prey.

why nobody knows about mermaids…

Petition To Create Largest Marine Protected Area On The Planet
-The Chagos archipelago is relatively unknown, but apparently it has amazing reefs. Now, the The Chagos Environment Network (CEN), a collaboration of nine conservation and scientific organisations seeking to protect the rich biodiversity of the Chagos Islands and its surrounding waters.

Tortoise Trust Web – Walmart turtle abuse
-Live turtles and frogs are available for purchase at Chinese Wal-Mart stores. These animals are slaughtered while fully conscious, to satisfy consumers need for “fresh” food items.

Conservation's Indirect Strategy: mercury levels in Japanese could effect change
-While health threats against mankind might be the impetus needed to produce change in environmental or ecological policy, it seems sad that it has to come to that. It illustrates our self-centered behavior when it's not enough that the atmosphere is being altered or that species are being endangered by over-harvesting or loss of habitat - instead, it takes a direct negative effect on ourselves for us to sit up and take noticed.

-The problem is that when that change comes to protect mankind from himself, where will the plant and animals, the ocean, land and air be by then? Will it already have been too late?

Device simulates deep-sea floor conditions in lab
-Understanding how deep-sea floor rocks and sediments interact with surrounding fluids and gasses is difficult to access. But a device created by two University of Illinois at Chicago geoscientists will duplicate extreme sea floor conditions inside a small chamber and examine samples inside the chamber by X-rays under these harsh conditions.

How to make a hole in the water
-Unapproved Use of a Chainsaw... Love it!!

The creation of an aluminum scuba tank
-Here is a video of an aluminum tank being created. They make it look so easy. Probably not a good idea to try and make one out of clay.

The birth of a steel scuba tank
-Here is a video of a steel scuba tank being created. It is interested to see that they completely seal it before heat treatment.

Underwater Photography Techniques
-Whether you're just beginning in underwater photography, simply looking to improve or fine tuning your established skills, the DPG underwater photography guide is designed to provide practical underwater photography tips, equipment requirements, and lighting techniques that you can put to use the next time you hit the water.

Real Ambergris Perfume
-Ambergris perfumes are expensive and hard to find because they use a rare whale byproduct as an ingredient. Learn more about ambergris, its laws, and where to find it.

The cold hard facts of freezing to death
-There's an adage about hypothermia: "You aren't dead until you're warm and dead."

Surgeon warns against use of heat packs in sea diving after freak accident
-A SURGEON has warned scuba divers against using heat packs on deep dives after treating a man who received severe burns in a freak accident off the Cork coast last year.

Pint-sized 10-year-old becomes certified scuba diver
-The Yulee resident is only 4 feet tall and weighs 48 pounds. But when the 10-year-old back-rolls into the water, her diminutive size speaks volumes.

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

Underwater escape artist seeks photographer
-Reminiscent of Harry Houdini, underwater escape artist Alexanderia the Great is looking for an underwater photographer to film her escape.

Coconuts bad for the shore: no sh*t
-The study found that 'guano producing' birds didn't like to perch on coconut palms which can be full of nasty rats and are not suitable for nest building. This resulted in nutrient poor soil, affecting plant growth and animals eating the plants.

Killer shark attack in South Africa witnessed on Twitter
-A HORRIFIED Twitter user has tweeted the moment a tourist was killed in the jaws of a 'gigantic shark' in a South African holiday spot.

Boats in Argyll and Bute to help clear litter from sea
-Fishermen are signing up to a scheme which uses fishing boats to help to clear rubbish from the seas.

A Diver’s Guide to Marine Conservation
-It is an unfortunate thing that marine conservation is often very low on a SCUBA diver’s list of priorities because it is very important to respect nature and help it to thrive.

5 Interesting Prehistoric Fish
-If you think the underwater world these days provides something spectacular and 'of another world' you may want to take a look back millions of years and see what the oceans were inhabited by back then. It was a far scarier place back then, when a great white shark may well have been low down on the risk scale and whales, not the largest creatures in the seas. We’ll be looking at 5 creepy and unbelievable prehistoric fish- when they existed, what they looked like and what they ate.

Asian businessmen urged to protect Coral Triangle
-The Coral Triangle, a 2.1 million-square-mile (5.4 million-square-kilometer) stretch of ocean straddling six countries, contains 75 percent of the world's coral species, one-third of the Earth's coral reefs, and more than 3,000 species of fish.

Shrimp, their environmental impact not shrimpy
-The environmental impact of shrimp can be horrific. But most Americans don't know where their shrimp comes from or what's in it. Americans love their shrimp. It's the most popular seafood in the country, but unfortunately much of the shrimp we eat are a cocktail of chemicals, harvested at the expense of one of the world's productive ecosystems. Worse, guidelines for finding some kind of "sustainable shrimp" are so far nonexistent.

Day 28 of 365: The Cheapest Underwater Model With Style
-Today’s image is from a very quick test shoot in a new pool for an upcoming assignment. The pool is clean, the model was cheap, and the vibe was right.

Oysters - the Tudor version of cinema popcorn
-Elizabethan theater-goers chomped on an exotic array of foods while enjoying the latest plays of the day, new evidence found at the sites of Shakespearean playhouses in London suggests.
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