We are in trouble now!

A Five Foot Triops!
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"Look what they have found in Chelyabinsk city. The story is that there was a construction site with a deep foundation ditch. They have touched some underground river in that place so the water in the ditch didn’t get away so it stayed there full of water. Then some workers a few months later spotted some movement in this water, they threw some pieces of their lunch in the trench which caused a big activity inside. They were puzzled who is there? And caught one thing up then in big panic stepped away cause it tried to bite them so they had to kill it with some equipment and here are the remains of it. It was around 5 feet length."
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****** ROTFLOL!

Question is how many species of Triops is there? Anybody know of a good webasite on Tirops?

On a side note we did take a short trip to a local school here for kids out of the city with our own kidlets. Got to visit their Science Lab which was pretty cool. They had 40+ tanks with assorted fishes, spiders, scorpions, turtles and, snakes. Oh and a crocodile! How cool is that!

Purchased some Triops Eggs! First batch didn't fair so well as I think the maid sprayed something around the area. Some weird oily film on the surface of the water. Second batch at this point I see white larvae things moving around near the edge of the container. Though after staring at them for an extended period of time, I'm not sure they are what they are suppose to be. Kinda look like mosquito larvae. Except they are white and much much smaller jerking and jiggling in the water. Plus when you move the light around they run away from the light source. If I remember right Triops are attracted to light. Time to dig out the microscope!
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