Just a quick post....

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Ren & Ckas

After one whole week in the hospital...
Thank you to everyone in the Pedia Section and especially the nurses!
For not waking us up on the hour every hour through out the night.
For letting us sleep in.
For putting up with our every wish and whim.
For listening to us whine and rant about that other evil nurse at the other wing.
For getting to hang out at the nurses station.
For Ren for staying beyond the call and going home 2+ hrs. late.
Ckas says that she still wants to give you guy's more Jelly-Ace by the way.
I think it's a Jelly-Ace raise!
Though I did ask her if she wanted to go back...
She said no, "To many needles there."
She does miss the nurses and the attention though!

She's been spending some of her time since coming back pretending to be a Brain Doctor/Nurse for her doll. With the items she seems to have collected from the hospital while we were there. I hadn't noticed that she had managed to squirrel away so much in her box! So sorry if your missing any major items or stock (joking!)

By the way her poop is still wet.
Though her appetite is back.
She's eating like a horse again!
And yes drinking lot's of liquids...
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