“Center of the Center” Of World’s Marine Biodiversity - Isla Verde Passage

From Site:
Verde Island passage which is declared as the center of the center of Marine Shorefish biodiversity. This passage which is considered to be one of the most busiest sea lanes in the country can be found in between the provinces of Batangas and Mindoro.

The underwater reefs in the Verde Island passage are called home to nearly 60% of the worlds known shore fish. This is how American Biologists Kent Carpenter & Victor Springer of the World Conservation Union describes the Verde Island Passage in their recent study. Carpenter also said that the passage is the marine counterpart of the Amazon River Basin, making this dive site dubbed as “CENTER” of the center of the most diversed marine ecosystem in the world.

Moreover, the area has more than 300 species of corals, which is considered one of the largest concentrations of corals in the country or even in the whole world. Coral health is generally good, though the effects of global warming and increased pollution, may still lead to drop in diversity.
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