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Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

Here's a few doing a search for "SCUBA" & "Underwater"

Portrait of a woman wearing a scuba diving mask.
Location: US
Date taken: 1955
Photographer: Andreas Feininger
Size: 99

Graduating senior wearing scuba gear during graduation ceremony at Syracuse University.
Location: Syracuse, NY, US
Date taken: 1070
Photographer: Arthur Schatz
Size: 1280 x 882 pixels (17.8 x 12.2 inches)

LIFE photographer J.R. Eyerman, covering essay on undersea warfare.
Date taken: July 1951
Photographer: J.R. Eyerman
Size: 1007 x 1280 pixels (14.0 x 17.8 inches)

A diver meddling around with a blowfish in Hartley's Underwater Movie in Bermuda.
Location: Bermuda
Date taken: November 1952
Photographer: Peter Stackpole
Size: 1111 x 1280 pixels (15.4 x 17.8 inches)

Underwater Weekend
Date taken: September 09, 1949
Photographer: Peter Stackpole
Size: 1280 x 1223 pixels (17.8 x 17.0 inches)

LIFE cover 02-22-1954 Film crew wearing underwater diving gear while filming Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
Location: US
Date taken: February 22,954
Photographer: Peter Stackpole
Size: 960 x 1280 pixels (13.3 x 17.8 inches)

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