Stash of Glass Sea Creatures Unearthed

Glass menagerie: Museum unearths exotic stash of glass sea creatures
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Photo: Jeff Miller
Fragile glass sculptures of marine invertebrate animals await repair in a storage cabinet at the UW-Madison Zoological Museum. Crumbling from age, the intricate glass models were found by Zoological Museum curator Paula Holahan in boxes hidden in Noland Hall. Sleuthing work by Holahan led to information that suggests the models were made by Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka, a 19th-century father-and-son team of German glassmakers, and purchased in 1890 by Edward A. Birge, a former UW-Madison president, dean and zoology professor, and one of the first curators of the Zoological Museum.

Photo: William Warmus and Cornell University
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Photo: Argonauta Argo, © National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff

Physalia Arethusa, © National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff
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