Scientists discover marine hybrid hotspot

Scientists discover marine hybrid hotspot

Scientists from Australia have discovered a hotspot in the eastern Indian Ocean where unusually high numbers of natural hybrid fishes occur.
the hybridisation hotspot between the Christmas and Cocos Islands.

Marine hybrid fishes are generally considered quite rare, but the area between the islands is home to a massive 11 reef fish hybrids spanning six different fish families - the highest number of hybrids ever recorded at a single location.

In most cases, at least one of the parent species that form the hybrids is a rarity at the site, with less than three individuals found over an area spanning 3000 square metres.

The scientists believe that the scarcity of potential mates mean that the fish are breeding with closely related species, rather than with their own kind.

The authors said: "These islands also represent a marine suture zone where many of the hybrids have arisen through interbreeding between Indian and Pacific Ocean species.
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