Red Triangle (Pacific Ocean)

clipped from en.wikipedia.org

The Red Triangle is the colloquial name of a roughly triangle-shaped region off the coast of northern California, extending from Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco, out to a bit beyond the Farallon Islands, and down to the Big Sur region, south of Monterey. The area has a very large population of marine mammals, such as elephant seals, harbor seals, sea otters, and sea lions, which are a favored meal of great white sharks.[1] Around thirty-eight percent of recorded Great White Shark attacks on humans have occurred within the Red Triangle, but only eleven percent of the worldwide fatalities.[2] The area encompasses the beaches of the heavily-populated San Francisco Bay Area, and many people enjoy surfing, swimming and diving in these waters.[3] But even with the ever increasing numbers of people entering the water, sightings and encounters with the elusive sharks are still extremely rare.

refers to the red blood in the water, after a shark has made its attack


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