Updated: Nope Those Aren't Jellyfish

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The missing inflatable breasts have been found! This titillating tale is now over. It appears these well-organized geniuses put the cargo on the wrong boat and the b00bz are in Melbourne, Australia

Uh, Maybe Those Aren’t Jellyfish…

According to The Australian, more than 130,000 inflatable breasts have been lost at sea en route to Australia.

Men’s magazine Ralph was planning to include the boobs as a free gift with its January issue but the container carrying $200,000 worth of the plastic breasts left Beijing two weeks ago but turned up empty in Sydney this week.

The magazine has put out an alert to shipping authorities to see if they have the container, but if they don’t turn up in the next 48 hours it’ll be too late for the next issue.

Ralph editor Santi Pintado urged anyone who has any information to contact the magazine. So if you think you see a jellyfish, look twice… it may just be one of Ralph’s boobs.


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