Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

Twas the night before diving, and all through the reef,

critters large and small breathed a sigh of relief.

There were no divers or cameras, video lights or strobes,
which day after day taxed their little occipital lobes.

 The nocturnal species were all alone in the night,

 undisturbed it felt awkward to not see even one focus light.

 The squid, sleeping reef fish, and even hippocampus bargibanti,

 all began to miss the bubble blowing reef paparazzi.

 If the absence of underwater photographers prolongs,

 the unfortunate exploitation of the reef is forewarned.

 Our images and videos become the ocean's eyes and ears,

 we've documented the damage from humans for years.

 You can't love what you don't understand is negatively changing,

let's continue to show the world the fragile beauty worth saving.

 Your images and videos can help the make the world better,

 so make a resolution for the year 2009 to be wetter.

 Get diving more often and grease those o-rings with pride,

 happy holidays and new year


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