Floating Pig Farms

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Farmed fish: Almost organic, and always polluting

You're going to hear, if you have not already, that the feds are preparing to allow farmed salmon and other fish to be labeled "organic," as if there is something wholesome and natural about raising millions of fish in polluting net pens, and sweeping the seas of menhaden, mackerel and other small fish to feed them.

No one ought to be under any illusions about most of the world's fish farms, especially those that grow carnivorous species such as salmon.
Their wastes and uneaten food coat the bottom of sea floors, and they spur enormous clouds of lice that cling to and kill countless wild fish trying to pass by the growing number of farms
It will mean that the "organic" fish you are buying could have been fattened up on rapidly declining forage fish and could still have contributed to the pollution and disease that is having an effect on wild salmon all over the world.

Does that sound "organic" to you?


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