Marine science is taking a beating

From Site:
Part of the tough part about working in the ocean is that it’s expensive, what with being big and wet and cold and deep. So in this economic slump, it’s not that surprising that marine research is taking a funding beat-down. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty depressing that research vessels are grounded, the deep-sea drilling program is stalled, and a Hawaiian marine lab is closing, all for lack of funds. (Sorry, these are links to Science and Nature that might be behind a subscription wall for most people.) There doesn’t seem to be much of an end in sight - even a new president can’t turn straw into gold, and if he could, that would probably just cause an animal feed shortage and gold deflation anyway. Here’s hoping the economy perks up and that we have a fruit-fly-and-grizzly-bear-loving administration when it does!
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