Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

The Underwater World
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These photographs can show marine or freshwater animals or plants. The most important criteria are aesthetics, but judges will also be looking for unique and memorable imagery. Supported by Project AWARE Foundation (International)

The Underwater World Winner

Felipe Barrio (Spain)
Giant feast
`I was woken by a huge crash against the boat in the Red Sea. It was a
10-metre-long young whale shark. Four other sharks then joined it,
gathered below a school of sardines. We slipped into the water using
snorkelling gear, and watched them feed, non-stop for three hours. They
not only sucked up the plankton, but also the sardines' excrement. It
was a fantastic experience.' Whale sharks are the largest fish on
Earth. The Gulf of Tadjourah off Djibouti, in the Red Sea, is a hotspot
for these giants, which congregate from October to January to feed.
Despite their huge size, they are filter feeders, sucking in wa
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