Sand Collecting


The Word, the waving of
His hand
made Nothingness come to an end.
When Time rose from Eternity
in light of purest energy
the stars were born, and then - the sand.

Sand, the grains of crumbling stone
Elements playing on their own
before life came, and beasts gave birth,
treading on a younger earth
and, dying, left their withered bone.

The cycle, as it turned again
saw in its wake the birth of men;
children playing with the grains
and sandstorms on the windswept plains -
who knows whenever it began.

This endless cycle, on it goes
through weathering and heavy throes,
and when the rocks become the sand
they shape the mountains and the land
and form the grains between my toes.

There is no place on sea or land
without a billion grains of sand.
When we are gone, a distant sound,
the Universe is still around
and Time still trickles from God's hand.
- L.M.

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