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Hunt for Titanic Was Cover for Secret Sunken Nuke Sub Dives
Plastics are a penis-shrinker
A Look at Steve Fossett's Super Secret Flying, Diving, Space Bound Submersible
Eight Real-Life Doctor Frankensteins Who Pushed the Boundaries of Life and Death
Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake
Planet's loneliest bug revealed

Have Giant Indian Catfish Developed a Taste for Human Flesh?
'Peanut-headed' orcas due to salmon shortage

Shrimps’ ancient chain gang mystifies scientists

Saudi Prince Announces Three-Year Scientific Global Reef Expedition; 'We Are Able To Access Any Part Of The World'
Tesco to review sale of shark fin products
Now that’s a March of the Penguins
Filipinos are oversensitive carebears

Scientists believe that fish show signs of imminent tsunami

Sunken treasure suggests Sinbad was real

TGIF: Fish Shoes
Jelly Eats Fish, Gets Eaten by Nudi and Turtle
A Lesson In Changing Light Bulbs

Rainwater Harvesting Guide
What the Chemical Industry Doesn't Want You to Know about Everyday Products
#13: Dive Buddies - A Day in the Life of A Dive Volunteer (Don)
Your ‘pure’ bottled water has contaminants, too

How To Catch a Shark… Aussie Style
The Shark Project
Impostor Fish

MSC's fishery certification program
Growing up jellies
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