Anybody up for a BackPack Propulsion or Underwater Model Specialty Course?

PADI's Most Distinct Distinctive Specialties
From Site:
Underwater model
Underwater Pilot
Helicopter Diver
Lava Tube Diver
Loch Diver
Submarine Diver
Available Light Underwater Photo
Zen Diver
Backpack propulsion
Golf Ball Diver
Spacesuit Diver
Sinkhole Diver
Future Perfect Diver
Magnetometer Diver
Millennium Diver
Railroad Yard Diver
Sand Pit Diving
Underwater Game Player
Underwater Hockey
Underwater Wedding
Y2K Scuba Historian

. . . and the inevitable
Underwater Basket Weaving

Here are a few that I’m not sure Project AWARE Foundation knows about:
Delicacies of the Sea
Edible Marine Life Diver
Gourmet Diver
Seafood Gourmet Cook
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