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Pan de sal made of seaweed is rich in Iodine
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TUGUEGARAO CITY -- Apart from flour being used in making bread, fisherfolk in a northern Cagayan town have come up with an alternative in producing the Filipinos’ favorite breakfast fare: seaweed pan de sal.

This is one of the possible byproducts that experts from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) are now discovering in partnership with the Rural Improvement Club (RIC), whose members are mostly fisherfolk of Buguey town, some 130 kilometers north of the regional capital, Tuguegarao City.

BFAR said that pan de sal may be made from seaweed, particularly the Gracillaria species, locally known in the Iluko term as ur-urmut, which abounds here and in the Ilocos region.
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