Teach Your Child About Oceans and Ocean Life

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Teach Your Child About Oceans and Ocean Life
Earth’s ocean covers nearly three-quarters of its surface. The average depth is two and one-half miles, or four kilometers. Whether you’re looking at the ocean on a globe or standing on the ocean shore, the vastness of our ocean is its predominant characteristic.

Although there is really only one big ocean, we divide it up into sections and name them for our convenience. They are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic Oceans, listed in order from largest to smallest in terms of area. The study of our oceans is called oceanography. Each ocean has its own wonders.

All ocean water is salty and filled with an unfathomable variety of plant and animal life, from the largest to the tiniest life forms on Earth. The study of ocean life is called marine biology.

Teaching your child about the ocean and ocean life can be an amazing and highly educational joint venture. There is so much to know!

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