Project AWARE whale shark project joins forces with ECOCEAN

Project AWARE whale shark project joins forces with ECOCEAN
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Project AWARE Foundation, the dive industry's leading non-profit environmental organisation has recently joined forces with ECOCEAN a marine conservation group dedicated to the conservation of the whale shark.

In 2003 Project AWARE Foundation launched an initiative in partnership with the Shark Trust to help PADI Dive Centres and Resorts recruitdivers to travel overseas to areas visited by Whale Sharks.

The Project AWARE Whale Shark ID Project incorporates a Distinctive Specialty created by PADI that gives divers essential knowledge and skills to dive or snorkel responsibly with Whale Sharks and to obtain valuable information or photographs. There is also a website whereby snorkelers and divers can submit their photographs and contribute vital information to researchers studying Whale Shark migrations.

To further Project AWARE's Whale Shark conservation work, all photos submitted to will also be given to ECOCEAN for their own Whale Shark research. Project AWARE, the Shark Trust and ECOCEAN will be working closely together to build a global database of Whale Shark migration patterns, movements, and behaviour.


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