Planning a trip

There's this trip we are planning to take.
Still contemplating.
Should we go, should we pass it up?
It's a 8 hour seadoo ride.
From where we are to Boracay.
There's suppose to be some 40 people going.
Along with back up boats and what not.
Every two hours we get to stop.
To eat or switch riders.
Most of it apparently is suppose to be along the coastline.
Though there is one part that we have to cross open water.
Which of course means rougher water.
Four stops.
Then we stay overnight at Boracay.
Either we take a plane back..
Or we go through the whole 8 hours again.
Should we go or should we pass it up?
Sounds like a riot though.
All keeps passing through my mind is...
The sun!
I'm going to burn!


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