Asking for directions

There's something terribly wrong with asking directions in this country.
Went to a mall today looking for a specific store.
Not knowing where we asked.
"Do-on..." [There] and they would point the direction we were suppose to go to.
We'd walk for a bit.
Finally deciding to to stop and ask again.
"Do-on..." They would say again.
Where there we would ask.
"Do-on..." and they would point another direction.
So off we'd go that direction again....
This went on for several times.
Stopping and asking and walking this way and that way.
Funny everyone we asked would be so eager to help.
Glad to point us in some unknown imaginary direction.
So happy to help.
So happy to be asked.
Did they really know where the store was?
Of course not!
But they were so very happy and eager to help
They would say with great fervor and point.
It's not just this mall incident....
It's all the time you ask for directions!
Eventually we did find the store...
After ample amounts of walking in circles....
It's no wonder anyone get's anywhere


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