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Oceanic Integrated Diver Display Mask
Straight out of the U.S. Navy's R&D labs comes a dive mask that delivers depth, remaining airtime and other data on a head-up display. Information travels via radio frequency from your tank to the mask, where it's presented on an LCD. A simple glance to the right yields all the vitals.

Things to do...
Virtual Voodoo - Just as good as the real thing
Virtual Voodoo Online
Instant Flash required, but interactive. Send an anonymous curse.
Ouija Online - Artificial Intelligence Ouija Board
Build Your Own E-Scene

Fun Downloads...
Mouse Gestures
Finally, a breakthrough in website navigation!
MouseGestures are motions you make with the mouse button held down. The motion is a new type of shortcut for common commands.
In short, it's a nifty little program that lets you easily control programs by drawing symbols with your mouse.

News from the Philippines...
Philippines' cardinal steps down
Church clashes with gays in Philippines
Strong Earthquake in Central Philippines
Biggest growth in tourist arrivals noted in October
Arroyo issues shoot order for kidnappers
Record 1,070 kilos of shabu seized in raid
TRAVELLING LIGHT: A thrilla in Manila

In Science...
Oil group buries greenhouse gas under sea
SLEIPNER PLATFORM, Norwegian North Sea (Reuters) -- Norway's biggest company reckons it has found the key to a green and profitable future by burying greenhouse gases underground.
Good or bad?


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