Cry for the Dolphins... :(
Following movies contain ghastly scenes!
Dolphin Species
Dolphins and Man.....Equals?

Lunar Eclipse!
On Saturday, Nov. 8th, the full moon will glide through our planet's shadow and turn a delightful shade of sunset-red.

Aurora Alert!
Aurora Forecast
Giant sunspot 486 unleashed another intense solar flare on Nov. 4th (1950
UT), and this one could be historic. The blast saturated X-ray sensors
onboard GOES satellites. The last time this happened, in April 2001, the
flare that saturated the sensors was classified as an X20--the biggest
ever recorded at the time. Yesterday's flare appears to have been even
Because sunspot 486 is near the sun's western limb, the blast was not
directed much toward Earth. Nevertheless, our planet's magnetic field
might be hit by a coronal mass ejection on Nov. 5th or 6th. The impact
will be glancing, but even a glancing blow from such a powerful explosion
could stir geomagnetic storms. Sky watchers should be alert for auroras
during the nights ahead.


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